by Peter Cook



A tribute to the BBC Journalist Robert Peston. All proceeds going to Cancer Research.

Written, recorded and produced by Peter Cook, MD, The Academy of Rock

Female Vocals by Kristine Wilkinson Hughes, singer/songwriter, My Girl The River Wonderful Productions and The Frog's Chorus and



"VERSES 1 and 2"

Robert Peston, he’s not from Preston
He did not star in no Spaghetti Western
The BBC lost its intellectual property
While John Otway says “Cor Baby That’s ITV”

Peston scored Bowie while Ziggy played guitar
Masterminding glam with his screwed down ha(i)r
Peston showed George Clinton how to get the funk
Jamming good with (Dr Andrew) Sentance on the economics of punk


Keep your vest on, Robert Peston
Give us another business lesson
Speakin' like a linguistic jam session
Rocking Indie Television

"VERSES 3 and 4"

So ITV enlarges its integrity
While the BBC loses its licence fee
He says it’s our fiduciary responsibility
To shop wisely within our economy

Paul Wella’s Shockwave takes care of his hair
But on the 10 o’clock news Peston just don't care
He could have been Doctor Who you see
By pressing Auntie Beeb for his destiny


Keep your vest on, Robert Peston
Give us another business question
From BBC to ITV
I wanna lower licence fee

"David Bowie homage middle 16" - Space Oddity, Width of a Circle and The Man Who Sold the World

"VERSES 5 and 6"

Branson hates ties like Robert Peston
But none of them starred with Charlton Heston
Nor had a three course meal at a Best Western
They could be Heroes with Bowie in Dresden

I’m confessin’ with Robert Peston
I’m wondering what ITV will let him question?
No more “Have I got news for you” to guest on
Perhaps Robert will retire to Weston …


Super Mare, Super Hair, Everywhere
Super Mare, Camel’s Hair, Millionaire

"Guitar solo to end"


released November 22, 2015
Female Vocals by Kristine Wilkinson Hughes

Bass from Northern Ireland by Jason Bell

Crowdsourced lyrical ideas from the following people:

Robert Lindsay
Mark Stratton
David Chislett
Dave Brooks
Claire Sparham
Damon Summers
Geoff Lee
Clive Leighton
Leigh Hunnable
Jim Keilt
Zee Fincham
Andy Wooler
John Threesixteen
Michael Butterworth
Andrew Bourke
Paul Titley
Stuart Gunthorpe
Gary Lee Connor
Matt Durrell



all rights reserved


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