The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street

by Rock In The City



"The Old Lady" is a Blackmore's Night and Led Zeppelinesque inspired 16th century folk rock anthem that calls bankers, brokers and bosses to rethink the fundamentals on which capitalism rests.

Music written by Peter Cook with lyrics by Haydn Jones. Arranged by Peter Cook. Performed by "Rock in the City", who aim to humanise the Square Mile through rock music!

Beautiful keyboards supplied by Rick Benbow.


The old lady of Threadneedle Street
Glides through the hallowed halls
Her silken gaze, weaving spirits deep
With Court held rapt in thrall

The gathered minds work hard and fast
With fan charts and words so broad
They work magic on digits long
Seeking out the moderate path

The time then comes when the governor calls
The markets sit and wait
Cold faces stare at blocks of red
The damned await their fate

Old lady of Threadneedle Street
What punishment lies in store
I have not sinned dear lady love
But I know it is the lore

The members meet and the vote is cast
The envelope's sealed and the steward called
It's Houblon pink or the markets crash
The old lady damns them all

Fine lady of Threadneedle Street
Protect me from the end
I am but a mere mortal man
Your magic can transcend

I sit and wait for the news to hit
The rate will shape it all
My life then flashed in front of me
The colour tells it all

Red blocks cascade and roll and blink
The panic spreads like fire
My mouth is dry, my fingers stiff
I stare and watch the pyre

Old lady of Threadneedle Street
Have mercy on my soul
This is the end, I'm damned to hell
The consequences are untold

Fine lady of Threadneedle Street
Protect us all from fate
Your guiding light and solemn ways
Doth headlong prick Inflate

Forward Guidance
Out of darkness
Into the light


released September 21, 2015
Music and arrangements - Peter Cook

Lyrics by Haydn Jones

Performed by "Rock in the City" - Dr Andrew Sentance, Rick Benbow, Haydn Jones, Peter Cook, Pete Stephens and Zee Fincham



all rights reserved


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